The words "Qlickstream", "we", "us" and "the platform" refers to the same thing.

a) Qlickstream is a free music sharing platform and as such unless stated otherwise we do not pay royalties or any revenue to the parties and/or representatives of the persons who own the music and for the music uploaded on the platform.

b) When you upload your music on Qlickstream you consent to free download of your music.

c) You agree that you hold the rights to the music that you or representatives have uploaded on the platform, and you take full responsibility for the content you are uploading.

d) As a result, SocksandTie (Pty) Ltd (The Company that owns Qlickstream) is not liable for any content uploaded to any of our platforms.

e) It is possible that Qlickstream may derive a commercial opportunity from the content uploaded on the platform and if that happens the contact details you have provided upon registration will be used to contact you.

f) Should you wish to delete your music on the platform, a delete functionality is made available to you.

g) You agree that Qlickstream may license your music to their clients on your behalf. However, should such an opportunity arise Qlickstream will contact you.  

h) You are responsible for providing the correct contact information to Qlickstream.

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